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New Now Available 


I'm very excited (like a pig in mud) to announce that the first book that is written and illustrated by Peter Di Lisi will be coming out this year.

Pig Paint is a book about discovery, art and lots and

lots of coloured mud. Join these curly-tailed friends in a story all about the primary and secondary colours.


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NEW Now Available

Chico the monkey has found the perfect banana, the problem is he wants to wait for the perfect time and way to eat it.  Find out what happens when Chico waits too long.

This is the first Chico story that has been written and illustrated by Children's author Peter Di Lisi.

Chico has a new fun and expressive look that will make his fans smile.

GREAT Story about courage, and trying new things ...

but most of all believing in yourself.  What a inspiring book. 

         -Whitby Montessori & Elementary School

Chico and the Challenging Tree

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