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Author Visits
I have written a story I'd like to share with your students. 
One that not only entertains, but teaches as well. This story is designed to help children explore their imagination and allows them to realize that their dreams can be their achievements.
I believe that with the right tools,
anything is possible when you use your
imagination.  That is one of the lessons I
convey through my first children's book,
"Chico and the Challenging Tree".
Using my experience in performing magic,
I will capture your students' attention and help them to climb their own "challenging tree". At the end of the presentation, your teachers will receive activities they can apply to their lessons that review and re-inforce the morals gained from the story.
Please note that I am willing to tailor my presentation for the needs of your school. Please contact me for more details or to book a date.
I look forward to speaking with you about sharing an empowering message for your school community. 
              There are also author visit's for
                                          birthday parties and family events.

For more details on Author visits

"How do you keep 100 primary students completely captivated during a presentation?

Invite Peter Di Lisi to share his stories and magic. Our school did just that, and it was a wonderful experience! His manner and material kept the children engaged." (Trish Hague)

“After the presentation my students have decided to become authors, writing stories with animal characters and a moral message.”(K. Jeffery)

"I loved it all " Eva, grade 2

“Peter shares such motivating and inspiring messages with his readers and listeners!

As an author, it is obvious that he has a great passion for fun and creativity with his rhyming method of writing and with the development of his stories' characters. Equally as obvious is his talent in entertaining both young and young at heart audiences with his integrated magic show.


Having Peter Di Lisi as a guest Author at Father Fénelon Catholic School was a wonderful experience that has left children affectionately talking about "Chico" and mimicking magic acts in hallways and classrooms for, what teachers believe will be, many days to follow his visit. Thank you for such a great time!”

-Amy Jackson-

St. Cecilia was pleased to host local Canadian Author, Peter Di Lisi.
Peter has written several books, his first,

"Chico and the Challenging Tree." 

It is excellent -  motivation, don't give up, trust yourself, etc.
Peter read two of his books to Kindergarten and Grade One students and then used magic to reinforce the book's theme.  His audience was very captivated and weeks after his visit the staff are still commenting on how terrific his visit was.
Peter will speak to K - Gr. 8 students and adjust his presentation according to age and needs..

-Catherine Sullivan-

Don't forget to get the author to sign your

very own copy.

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