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Chico and the Challenging Tree


When Chico the monkey becomes curious to see what’s at the top of a great tall tree, he gives it all he can to reach his goal. In his journey, he faces many challenges and learns that will power and determination can take even the smallest monkey to the most unimaginable places.





Hugs is a delightfully heart warming story that begins and ends in a hug.
It's about a girl that receives a unexpected hug from a boy at a time of pure sadness. Not only does she learn how one hug can change how she feels, but discovers that hugs are used in many different ways. 

This rhyming story is a must read with someone that you love to the moOn and back.  You will be sure to get a big squeeze at the end.



Chico and the Patience of a Banana


Chico the monkey has great determination, but learns sometimes you also need to have patience when waiting for something that's not ready to be had.


Chico and the Very Bad and No Good Day

ISBN- 978-1-5462-2970-4


This is a story about a little monkey named Chico that is having one

very bad and no good day.

Even though it seems like there is no way to change that,

a little magic enlightenment shows Chico that he always has

the power to turn his day around and make it something wonderful.


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Mr.Di Lisi and the Little Grown-Ups

ISBN- 978-1-7771485-1-5


It is a story about a kindergarten class that tell Mr.Di Lisi what their dream job would be in a cute rhyme style with some words of wisdom at the end.
This story was inspired by the kindergarten students at Brother Andre Catholic Elementary school in Ajax Ontario.


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Pig Paint


Pig Paint is a book about discovery, art and lots and

lots of coloured mud.

Join these curly-tailed friends in a story all about the primary and secondary colours.

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Chico and the Perfect Banana


Chico has found the perfect banana and even though he can think of many ways to eat it, he thinks there maybe a better one so he holds off because he doesn't want to waste it.

Martie Pickle the Monster
that Loves to Tickle


Not all Monsters love to scare, to say that they do is really not fair.

Martie Pickle is a monster with a silly intention, to make children laugh but how is the question? This silly rhyming story about Martie will have you laughing one way or another.

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