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Chico and the Challenging Tree

When Chico the monkey becomes curious to see what's at the top of a great tall tree, he gives it all he can to reach his goal. In his journey, he faces many challenges and learns that will power and determination can take even the smallest monkey to the most unimaginable places. In life, we all have our challenging tree, and hopefully this book will teach children that no matter how hard, or how impossible our goals may be... Always listen to that little voice inside us that says

"you can do it" because unless you try... you just will never know how far you can make it. Chico's advice is... never stop climbing your challenging tree till you make it all the way to the top. -Peter Di Lisi- Music by Chris Zabriskie

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“Peter shares such motivating and inspiring messages with his readers and listeners! As an author, it is obvious that he has a great passion for fun and creativity with his rhyming method of writing

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